FCI GRUBS is the world leader in the production of dried black soldier flies

  • Healthy Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae

    FCI GRUBS is aiming for high quality,healthy and safe products for your animals.

The characteristics of Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae are high in protein and low in fat. The fat content of dried black soldier fly larvae is 27%, and the protein content is as high as 52%. It is a perfect protein booster for animals. Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae' nutritional composition ranks first among all kinds of food. It contains phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, other major elements, and a variety of trace elements, as well as 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for animal growth. The content of amino acids per 100 grams of dry black soldier fly larvae is as high as 947.91 micrograms.

FCI GRUBS Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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  • 100% Non-GMO & Pure Nature

    All this goodness helps to make black soldier flies a healthy and tasty treat for your animal friends.

  • Absolute Fresh

    Our Professional Teams do an excellent job of minimizing the time from the live black-soldier-fly-dried-packaging until delivery to your hand.

  • Protein-Rich Nutrition

    The FCI GRUBS dried black soldier fly larvae for chickens promote stronger eggshells and help hens regain normal energy levels and egg production.

  • Unbeatable Quality Assurance

    The satisfaction of customers is FCI GRUBS's motto. Every link should be checked strictly within production.

FCI GRUBS™ is aiming for high quality, healthy and safe products for your animals.